• Iran Wrestling History

      Iran Wrestling History

      • 11:29 2021/7/11
      Wrestling is the oldest and most ancient sport to be practiced among the Iranians, and its roots penetrate deep into the history ofthe nation.

      All Iranian folkloric heroes were wrestlers, the most famous of them being Rostam. The famous Iranian poet ,Ferdowsi, compose Rostam's poetic stories of glory and victory more than 1,000 years ago in the Shahmaneh. Rostam had to fulfill seven impossible feats to prove himself, and to complete this mission he had to face many challenges, and battles. He is the Iranian Hercules.

      Some people believe that Shahnameh has kept the Persian language alive and unchanged in the past 1,000 years. There are probably only a few other languages that have remained so much unchanged in such a long time.

      Another Iranian hero is Pooriaye-vali. He was also a great invincible wrestler, but had the generous disposition to lose a competition to bring pride for the aged mother of his opponent.

      Thousands of years of wrestling have placed this sport into the heart of Iran. Not only are the modern international free and Greco Roman styles practiced, but also many traditional styles are still in favor. Many Iranian world champions have once practiced one of these styles.

      Perhaps the most famous of the traditional wrestling styles is the Pahlavani wrestling. This style is practiced in the zoor-khaneh throughout Iran. No literal translation for Pahlavan exists. The dictionary suggests the words hero and champion, but there is more to this word. The zoor-khaneh translates to house of power.

       Although wrestling has been loved and practiced in Iran long before the creation of modern organizations and federations, never the less the Iranian Wrestling Federation was first founded in 1939. This federation joined FILA in 1947, and the Iranian national team's first participation in an international competition was in1948.

      Although the 1948 London Olympic Games did not have a better position than a fourth and a fifth place for the Iranian team, nevertheless it informed the world that a new serious competitor had become present.

      The 1951 First World Championship proved this theory true after the Iranian team won two silver and two bronze medals.

      Ever since the First World Championship Iran has managed to obtain a reputable rank and position in world wrestling.

      Gholamreza Takhti is the most famous wrestler of Iran who grabbed one gold and two silvers in Olympics and two golds and two silver medals in world championship. He also was popular among people for his good behaviour and helping people. He had a mysterious death in 1968.

      Also Abdullah Movahed is six times Olympic and world gold medal winner to set a record among Iranians in Freestyle. 

      The Shining star of Iran in Greco-Roman is Hamid Sourian who has captured 7 Olympic and world gold medals (1 Olympic gold and 6 world gold medals).