• Iran Greco-Roman Team Wins Asian Title with 4 Gold, 3 Bronze

      Iran Greco-Roman team won 2019 Asian Championships titlewith 4 gold and 3 bronze medals.

      • 19:35 2019/4/28

      Iran Greco-Roman team won 2019 Asian Championships titlewith 4 gold and 3 bronze medals.

      Mohammadreza Geraei (72kg), Saied Abdevali (82kg), HosseinNouri (87kg) and Amir Ghasemi Monjazi (130kg) were four gold medal winners ofIran while, Saman Abdevali (63kg), Mohammad Ali Geraei (77kg) and Mahdi Aliyari(97kg) took bronze medals.


      Mohammadreza GERAEI (IRI) has already exceeded his olderbrother at the Asian Championships, while Uzur DZHUZUPBEKOV (KGZ) prevented thepossibility of a Iranian sweep of the four heaviest weights in Greco-Roman.


      Geraei was one of two Iranians to advance to the finals inthe five remaining weight classes on the final day of the six-day tournament inXi'an, setting up a clash for the 72kg gold with local favorite ZHANG Hujun(CHN).


      Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Saeid ABDVALI (IRI) gaineda place in the 82kg final against Singh HARPEET (IND), but world bronzemedalist Mahdi ALIYARIFEIZABADI (IRI) was denied a shot at the 97kg gold aftersuffering a nail-biting 7-5 loss to Dzhuzupbekov in the semifinals.


      Uzbekistan also placed two wrestlers in the finals in thenight session at Xidian University's Invengo Gymnasium, with 2018 bronzemedalist Islomjon BAKHRAMOV (UZB) advancing at 60kg and Jahongir TURDIEV (UZB)taking on Dzhuzupbekov at 97kg.

      Geraei, third at last summer's Asian Games in Jakarta,overcame a high hurdle in the semifinals by beating 2017 world silver medalistDemeu ZHADRAYEV (KAZ), 9-3, capping the victory with a highlight-reelfour-point throw.


      Geraei had watched as older brother Mohammadali GERAEI (IRI)had to settle for the 77kg bronze the day before, when Iran picked up golds at87kg and 130kg.


       "There was no effecton my wrestling," Geraei said of his brother's defeat. "But I was little sadabout my brother. My brother could have been first."

      Nouri, the defending champion at 87kg, also faced an Indianopponent in his final, and struck gold again after scoring a first-periodtakedown against Kumar SUNIL (IND) then holding on for a 2-0 victory.


      Nouri gained his points when he deftly avoided a stepout byslipping to the side, then shrugging Sunil past him and getting behind.


      "My opponent was good, but when I scored two points, Ithought, no problem, I can hold him and I can win," Nouri said. As for thescoreless second period. "I was reacting to the action of the opponent.Everything he did, I had a strategy for," he said.


      Nouri, a 2017 world bronze medalist and last year's AsianGames champion, said this Asian title was the hardest to win, as he won allfour of his matches by two points.


      "The competition was very high and strong, and all of mymatches were very hard," Nouri said.

      Iran also grabbed the last of the gold medals at stake onthe fifth day of the six-day tournament when Amir GHASEMIMONJEZI (IRI) edgedMuminjon ABDULLAEV (UZB) 3-2 in the 130kg final.


      All of the points came in a quick flurry early in the firstperiod. Ghaseminmonjezi stopped a back-drop attempt to go up 2-0, but Abdullaevgained two back by stepping over on a roll attempt, only to see the Iranian getbehind again for a one-point reversal.   


      60kg (12 entries)

      Gold – Islomjon BAKHRAMOV (UZB) df. RI Se Ung (PRK) by TF,12-4, 6:00

      Bronze – Gyanender GYANENDER (IND) df. HUANG Jui Chi (TPE)by TF, 9-0, 2:45

      Bronze – Kenichiro FUMITA (JPN) df. Sailike WALIHAN (CHN) byDefault


      67kg (14 entries)

      Gold – RYU Hansu (KOR) df. Meiirzhan SHERMAKHANBET (KAZ),5-1

      Bronze – ZHANG Gaoquan (CHN) df. Abdulkarim AL HASAN (SYR),7-0

      Bronze – Shogo TAKAHASHI (JPN) df. Mirzobek RAKHMATOV (UZB),5-2


      72kg (9 entries)

      Gold – Mohammadreza GERAEI (IRI) df. ZHANG Hujun (CHN), 5-0

      Bronze – Ruslan TSAREV (KGZ) df. Yogesh YOGESH (IND) by TF,8-0, 1:12

      Bronze – Demeu ZHADRAYEV (KAZ) df. Aram VARDANYAN (UZB)   by Fall, 2:29 (3-2)


      82kg (9 entries)

      Gold – Saeid ABDVALI (IRI) df. Singh HARPEET (IND) by TF,8-0, 3:54

      Bronze – Maxat YEREZHEPOV (KAZ) df. Jalgasbay BERDIMURATOV(UZB) by Fall, 2:02 (2-5)

      Bronze – QIAN Haitao (CHN) df. Burgo BEISHALIEV (KGZ) by TF,9-0, 3:29


      97kg (9 entries)

      Gold – Uzur DZHUZUPBEKOV (KGZ) df. Jahongir TURDIEV (UZB),3-2

      Bronze – XIAO Di (CHN) df. LEE Seyeol (KOR), 1-1

      Bronze – Mahdi ALIYARIFEIZABADI (IRI) df. Alimkhan SYZDYKOV(KAZ), 4-2



      55kg (10 entries)

      Gold – Ilkhom BAKHROMOV (UZB) df. Hiromu KATAGIRI (JPN), 1-1

      Bronze – Asan SULAIMANOV (KGZ) df. Reza KHEDRI (IRI), 3-1

      Bronze – Khorlan ZHAKANSHA (KAZ) df. JEON Hyeokjin (KOR) byTF, 9-0, 3:50


      63kg (9 entries)

      Gold – TUO Erbalu (CHN) df. Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) byInjury Def., 2;23 (4-3)

      Bronze – JUNG Jinwoong (KOR) df. Urmalbek AMATOV (KGZ), 7-3

      Bronze – Saman ABDOUVALI (IRI) df. Kudaibergen TURSYNOV(KAZ), 2-1


      77kg (11 entries)

      Gold – KIM Hyeonwoo (KOR) df. Singh GURPREET (IND) by TF,8-0, 2:28

      Bronze – Tamerlan Shadukayev (KAZ) df. Bakhit BADR (QAT) byTF, 8-0, 1:11.

      Bronze – Mohammadali GERAEI (IRI) df. Naotsugu SHOJI (JPN)by TF, 9-0, 1:43


      87kg (10 entries)

      Gold – Hossein NOURI (IRI) df. Kumar SUNIL (IND), 2-0

      Bronze – Azamat KUSTUBAYEV (KAZ) df. Tokhirdzhon OKHONOV(TJK) by TF, 8-0, 4:35

      Bronze – Ruslam ASSAKALOV (UZB) df. Masato SUMI (JPN) by TF,9-1, 2:39


      130kg (8 entries)

      Gold – Amir GHASEMIMONJEZI (IRI) df. Muminjon ABDULLAEV(UZB), 3-2

      Bronze – Damir KUZEMBAYEV (KAZ) df. Prem PREM (IND) by Fall,1:27 (5-0)

      Bronze – Murat RAMONOV (KGZ) df. KIM Minseok (KOR) by TF,10-2, :55


      Team Standings

      1. Iran 165 points (4 gold-0 silver-3 bronze)

      2. Uzbekistan 163 (2-3-1)

      3. Kazakhstan 134 (0-1-6)