• Dominance of Iranian Pahlavani Wrestlers in World Nomad Games

      Iran swept all gold medals during Pahlavani wrestling competitions of 2018 World Nomad Games.

      • 16:19 2018/9/13

      Pahlavani wrestling is one of the traditional wrestling styles of Iran and 48 Pahlavani wrestlers from 25 countries competed in World Nomad Games in three weight categories.

      Two time beach wrestling world champion Mohammad Naderi (Iran) won the match against Kurbat Azizbayev (Kyrgyzstan) by fall to earn 70kg gold medal.

      Another Iranian wrestler, Omid Hassan Tabar, took the 80kg gold medal with a victory over Parchat Biachimov (Turkmenistan).

      Jaber Sadeghzadeh, a junior freestyle world champion and two-time beach wrestling world champion, beat Serik Beredmurat (Mongolia) in the absolute weight category finals.

      In Kazakh Kures, Kazakhstan claimed two gold medals. Mongolia wrestlers won absolute weight title. Turkmenistan won all the gold medals in Goresh style.



      GOLD- Mohammad Naderi (Iran)
      SILVER-Kurbat Azizbayev (Kyrgyzstan)
      BRONZE- Jalal Suleymanov (Azerbaijan)
      BRONZE- Arslan Serhat (Turkey)

      GOLD - Omid Hassan Tabar (Iran)
      SILVER- Parchat Biachimov (Turkmenistan)
      BRONZE- Ming Ganbaiyila (China)
      BRONZE- Aivar Khasanov (Tajikistan)

      GOLD- Jaber Sadeghzadeh (Iran)
      SILVER- Serik Beredmurat (Mongolia)
      BRONZE- Roman Bakirov (Azerbaijan)
      BRONZE- Ivan Vlagoyev (Bulgaria)