• Semifinalists of 2017 World FR Wrestling Clubs Cup

      The 2017 World Clubs Cup semifinalists were determined in Tehran, Iran, as two-time champion, Bimeh Razi (IRI) was eliminated.

      • 21:46 2017/12/7

      The 2017 World Clubs Cup semifinalists were determined in Tehran, Iran, as two-time champion, Bimeh Razi (IRI) was eliminated.

      13 teams from four pools competed in the fourth edition of World Clubs Cup with the best teams of each group advancing to the semifinals.

      In the first semifinal, Titan Mercury (USA) matches up with Khimori (MGL). Two Iranian sides in Setaregan Sari and Easy Pipe Kashan will meet in the second semifinal.

      Pool A: Titan Mercury advance to the semifinals with three consecutive wins

      Defending champions, Titan Mercury (USA) advanced to the semifinals with three straight victories. Four Olympic and world medalists picked up wins for TMWC including Kyle SNYDER (USA), Thomas GILMAN (USA), Franklin GOMEZ (PUR), and Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (USA).

      The Iranian fans treated Snyder like a true hero, even taking a few selfies with him. "Iranian fans take wrestling seriously, so it's one of the best places to wrestle", Snyder said. "I would have really liked to wrestle Reza YAZDANI (IRI) and Abdurashid SADULAEV (RUS) this weekend. They are among the best wrestlers in the world and it would be a challenge to wrestle them, but it didn't happen here" he added. 


      Kyle SNYDER (USA) is close to picking up a fall at 97kg of the World Clubs Cup. 

      Pool B: Mongolian team edged Hungary and Tajikistan clubs

      In pool B, Khimori (MGL) downed Budapest SC (HUN) and Tajikistan to advance to semifinals to take on Titan Mercury (USA).

      Pool C: Elimination of Bimeh Razi (IRI) in battle of Russian wrestlers

      Everyone expected to see two-time World Clubs Champion Bimeh Razi (IRI) in the semifinals, but Setaregan Sari (IRI) defeated Bimeh Razi (IRI) in an early battle.

      Five Russian wrestlers competed for Bimeh Razi, including Olympic champion Abdurashid Sadulaev, Olympic silver medalist Aniuar GEDUEV (RUS), and 2014 world champion Khetik TSABOLOV (RUS). Tsabolov and Geduev both found themselves in trouble as they lost their bouts.  Tsabolov (Bimeh Razi) was defeated by 2015 world champion, Magomed Rasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (RUS), 8-4. Geduev suffered a 10-7 loss to Omid HASSANTABAR (Setaregan Sari).

      Abdurashid Sadulaev kept Bimeh Razi's hopes alive as he beat Abazar ESLAMI (11-0), but Esmaeil NEJATIAN sealed the match with a narrow 4-3 victory over recent U-23 World Champion, Mojtaba GOLEIJ.

      Two other important results from the match were Asian champion Meysam NASIRI (Bimeh Razi) defeating three-time world champion Haji ALIEV (AZE) at 65kg, and Magomed KURBANALIEV (Setaregan) pinning Hamed RASHIDI.




      Abdualrashid SADULAEV (RUS) looks to pick up a takedown at the 2017 World Clubs Cup.

      Pool D: Iranian Easy Pipe Kashan goes to semifinal

      Another tournament favorite, Easy Pipe Kashan (IRI) came in strong as they beat Kirgizstan (10-0) and Georgia (7-3). Easy Pipe didn't have as difficult of a time on their way to the semifinals as they enjoyed success from Georgian stars Geno PETRIASHVILI and Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI. They also received success from 2015 world bronze medal winner Alireza KARIMI and Russian Vladislav BAITSAEV (RUS).  

      The semifinals of the World Clubs Cup start Friday morning 10 a.m. local time and the third place and final matches starts at 4 p.m. in Azadi Sport Complex of Tehran.


      Titan Mercury (USA) df. Montreal (CAN), 9-1
      57kg- Thomas GILMAN (Titan) df. Steven TAKAHASHI (Montreal), 13-6
      61kg- Ghara MANIVA (Montreal) df. Alan WATERS (Titan), 7-6
      65kg- B.J. FUTRELL (Titan) df. Hashem MOKHTARI (Montreal), 7-2
      70kg- Franklin GOMEZ (Titan) – No wrestler (Montreal)
      74kg- Nazariy KULCHYTSKYY (Titan) TF. Guseyn RUSLANZADA (Montreal), 10-0
      79kg- Kyle DAKE (Titan) TF. Ahmed SHAMIYA (Montreal), 11-0
      86kg- David TAYLOR (Titan) TF. Alexander MOORE (Montreal), 14-4
      92kg- Nickolas HEFLIN (Titan) TF. Jordan STEEN (Montreal), 10-0
      97kg- Kyler SNYDER (Titan) df. Masoud KHAJE SALEHANI (Montreal), 9-2
      125kg- Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (Titan) TF. Korey JARIVS (Montreal), 10-0

      Titan Mercury (USA) df. India Club (IND), 8-2
      57kg- Thomas GILMAN (Titan) df. Amit KUMAR (IND), 6-3
      61kg- Ravinder (IND) TF. Alan WATERS (Titan),12-2
      65kg- B.J. FUTRELL (Titan) df. Sonu (IND), 9-8
      70kg- Vinod KUMAR (IND) df. Franklin GOMEZ (Titan), 6-5
      74kg- Nazariy KULCHYTSKYY TF. (Titan) Ver Dev GULIA (IND), 10-0
      79kg- Kyle DAKE (Titan) TF. Jitender (IND), 10-0
      86kg- David TAYLOR (Titan) TF. Pawan Kumar (IND), 10-0
      92kg- Nickolas HEFLIN (Titan) Pinned Viky (IND)
      97kg- Kyler SNYDER (Titan) TF. Somveer (IND), 10-0
      125kg- Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (Titan) TF. Pushpender Singh (IND), 10-0

      Other results of Pool A:
      Titan Mercury (USA) df. NSA Academy (Bulgaria),10-0
      India Club df. Montreal (CAN), 6-4
      Montreal (CAN) df. NSA Academy (BUL), 7-3
      India Club df. NSA Academy (BUL), 9-1

      Setaregan Sari (IRI) df. Bimeh Razi (IRI), 6-4
      57kg- Nader HAJAGHANIA (Setaregan) pinned Younes SARMASTI (Bimeh Razi)
      61kg- Iman SADEGHI (Bimeh Razi) df. Mohammad RAMEZANPOUR (Setaregan), 7-4
      65kg- Meysam NASIRI (Bimeh Razi) df. Haji ALIEV (Setaregan), 8-4
      70kg- Magomed KURBANALIEV (Setaregan)pinned Hamed RASHIDI (Bimeh Razi)
      74kg- Magomed Rasul GAZIMAGOMEDOV (Setaregan) df. Khetik TSABOLOV (Bimeh Razi), 8-4
      79kg- Omid HASSANTABAR (Setaregan) df. Aniuar GEDUEV(Bimeh Razi), 10-7
      86kg- Mohammad Javad EBRANHIMI (Bimeh Razi) df. Esmaeil MAHMOUDI (Setaregan), 5-0
      92kg- Abdulrashid SADULAEV (Bimeh Razi) TF. Abazar ESLAMI (Setaregan), 11-0
      97kg- Esmaeil NEJATIAN (Setaregan) df. Mojtaba GOLEIJ (Bimeh Razi), 4-3
      125kg- Jaber SADEGHZADEH (Setaregan) df. Komeil GHASEMI (Bimeh Razi)by forfeit

      Other matches of Pool C:
      Setaregan Sari (IRI) df. BS Brothers (KAZ), 9-1
      Bimeh Razi (IRI) df. BS Brothers (KAZ), 10-0

      Easy Pipe Kashan (IRI) df. Raindi (GEO), 7-3
      57kg- Reza ATARI (Easy Pipe) df.  Roberti DINGASHVILI (Raindi), 8-0
      61kg- Vladimir KHINCHEGASHVILI (Easy Pipe) TF. Teimuraz VANISHVILI (Raindi), 10-0
      65kg- Farzad Amouzad KHALILI (Easy Pipe) df. Edemi BOLKVADZE (Raindi), 6-0
      70kg-Levan KELEKHSASHVILI (Raindi) df. Hamidreza ZARRINPEYKAR (Easy Pipe), 6-0
      74kg- Hossein ELYASI (Easy Pipe) df. Giorgi LOBJANIDZE (Raindi), 10-2
      79kg- Tariel GAPHRINDASHVILI (Raindi) df. Reza AFZALI (Easy Pipe), 6-4
      86kg- Alireza KARIMI (Easy Pipe) TF. Zaur BERADZE (Raindi), 11-0
      92kg- Hossein SHAHBAZI (Easy Pipe)  TF. Saba CHIKLADZE (Raindi), 12-2
      97kg- Vladislav BAITSAEV (Easy Pipe) TF. Zurabi AKHOBDZE (Raindi), 19-6
      125kg- Levani GOGRICHIANI (Raindi) df. Geno PETRIASHVILI (Easy Pipe) by forfeit