InternationalWrestling Tournament "Day of Children" Holds in Iran

Iranian Wrestling Legend Abbas Zandi Passes Away


    International schoolboyswrestling  tournament to be held in Iran,November 12 & 22 in Freestyle and November 24 & 25 in Greco-Roman inKaraj city (30km distance from Tehran).

    Until now Kirgizstanand Azerbaijan have registered in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman and Ukrainecompetes in Freestyle.


    -Invited  national   Wrestling Federations are   entitled  to   enter   maximum  of   12   wrestlers,  2   coaches,   1  Internationalreferee and a team leader.

    - All  competitors   must   be  schoolboy   age   level  and   born   between    01/01/2002 - 13/12/2004.   The   age  will   be verified with individualpassport. The age of the participants is determined according to UWWregulations.

    - The Tournament will be organized under the UWW Regulationson 3 UWW approved mats in following

    10 weight categories:


    Tolerance: 1 kg.

    - Weigh in will be held in morningof competition

    - The tournament will be held in team dual system withfollowing


    If the number of  participant teams are less than 6 teams; the competitions will hold inone group, If

    the number of participant teams are between 6 to 10 teams;the competitions will hold in two groups

    and   If   the  number   of   participant  teams   are  more  than   10   teams;  the   competitions   will  hold   in   four groups.

    - If   competitions  hold   in   four  groups,   the   first  teams   of   each  groups   according   to  grouping(A,B,C,D) will  compete   in   semifinal  and   the   winner  teams   of   each   group   will  compete   in   final  and   the loser teams will competefor 3rd and 4th title. The second teams of each groupsaccording to grouping will compete for title 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th.For 9th and 10thplace the third teams of each group will compete  the same.

    - At   the  end   of   team  dual competition   ,in   regard  to   individuals   'results  of   wrestlers   in  each   weight categories ,   the  number   of   victories  of   each   wrestler  determine   the  wrestlers  who   must   compete  for first to six titles in each weight categories.

    Note   1:   in  the   case   of  tie   in   number  of   victories   for  more   than   two  wrestlers   in   each  weight

    categories, the following criteria determine the wrestlersfor competing :

    a) The result of direct match of wrestlers

    b) Positive points

    c) Number of victories by fall

    d) Number of victories by technical superiority

    e) Less losing technical points in the competitions

    f) Quality of last match

    And the best one goes to final directly and the two othersneed to have a match and the winner goes to final and the loser hold match for3rd place.

    Note 2: Quality of last match, is base on the classificationof above items "a" to "e" in each competition.

    Note 3: victories by technical superiority means 8 pointdifference in Greco-Roman and 10 point in Free style .

    Note 4: If   the   two  wrestlers   determine   for  classification   matches   ,  has   direct   competition  in preliminary rounds , the results of that match is base forclassification and another match will not hold for classification of thosewrestler for first to six titles    

    -The minimum number of 6 wrestlers for each team is allowedfor participation in the competition.