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    KASHAN, Iran - Bimeh Razi captured team titles in both freestyle and Greco-Roman in the Iran Wrestling League in Kashan. Sixteen Olympic and world medal winners competed in the league.

    In freestyle, Bimeh Razi enjoyed from many titled wrestlers such as Russian Khetik TSABOLOV and Zaur UGUEV and some Iranian world medal winner like Masoud ESMAEILPOUR, Seyed Ahmad MOHAMMADI and Mostafa HOSSEINKHANI. Bimeh Razi beat Holding Faraz team in semifinal. 

    The most exciting matches came at 61kg and 74kg. Two-time world medalist Masoud ESMAEILPOUR defeated 2013 world champion Bekhan GOIGEREEV by technical fall.

    Meanwhile, Khetik TSABOLOV, a 2014 world champion and 2017 world silver medalist, defeated Alireza GHASEMI by technical fall 11-0. These two wins helped Bimeh beat Holding Faraz 5-3 in a semifinal match.

    In another semifinal match in freestyle, host Easy Pipe Kashan downed Setaregan Sari 5-3.

    A key match came at 57kg where Artyom GEBEKOV (Setaregan), a Russian Championships silver medalist, defeated Nader HAJAGHANIA (Easy Pipe) by technical fall, 12-2.

    2016 world champion Magomed KURBANALIEV (Setaregan) fell 9-8 to Saeid DADASHPOUR (Easy Pipe) at 70kg, while 2015 world bronze medal winner Alireza KARIMI gave another win to Easy Pipe at 86kg.

    Former European bronze medalist Vladislav BAITSAEV beat Esmaeil NEJATIAN (Setaregan) 8-2 at 97kg to help give Easy Pipe a 5-3 victory.

    2017 world champion and Rio Olympic bronze medal winner Geno PETRIASHVILI downed Jafar SHAMS NATERI (Setaregan) 10-0 at 125kg. It was the first appearance of Georgian heavyweight after capturing gold medal at 2017 World Championships in Paris.

    In the freestyle final match, Bimeh Razi beat Easy Pipe 5-3 to claim their fourth consecutive title in Iran league.

    Host Easy Pipe had a strong start, winning 57kg and 61kg matches. Two-time world medal winner in 2014 and 2015 Seyed Ahmad MOHAMMADI achieved the first victory for Bimeh, defeating Dimitri Korkin champion Younes EMAMI by technical fall 11-0.

    It was very successful return for Mohammadi, who missed 2016 Olympics and 2017 World Championships due to knee surgery.

    World bronze medalist Mostafa HOSSEINKHANI(70kg), world champion and world silver medal winner Khetik TSABOLOV(74kg), Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (86kg) and Mojtaba GOLEIJ (97kg) gave four wins to Bimeh to secure the victory in the final match.

    Vladislav BAITSAEV (Easy Pipe) edged Asian champion Yadollah MOHEBI in the final match.

    In the Greco-Roman final, Bimeh Razi beat defending champion of World Clubs Cup Sina Sanat Izeh 5-3.

    2015 world champion and Olympic bronze medal winner Rasul CHUNAYEV (Bimeh) beat Mohammad ELYAS 2-2 at 71kg.

    Former world champion and two-time Olympic and world bronze medal winner Saeid ABDEVALI (Bimeh) downed Pejman POSHTAM (Izeh), 4-0 at 75kg.

    The battle between two world medalists came at 80kg where 2017 world champion Maksim MANUKYAN (Izeh team) beat world bronze medal winner in 2015, Yousef GHADERIAN (Bimeh) 5-1.

    Asian champion Seyed Mostafa SALEHIZADEH (Bimeh) knocked off 2017 world bronze medal winner Rivazi NADAREISHVILI 11-0. 

    Two top teams of Iran league are qualified to compete at 2017 World Wrestling Clubs Cup. 


    Freestyle Final Match- Bimeh Razi Jouybar 5 – Easy Pipe Kashan 3
    57kg-Nader HAJAGHANIA (Easy Pipe) df. Younes SARMASTI (Bimeh), 9-2
    61kg- Mehran NASIRI (Easy Pipe) df. Masoud ESMAEILPOUR (Bimeh), 4-3
    65kg- Seyed Ahmad MOHAMMADI (Bimeh) TF. Younes EMAMI (Easy Pipe), 11-0
    70kg- Mostafa HOSSEINKHANI (Bimeh) df. Mohammad NADERI (Easy Pipe), 4-3
    74kg- Khetik TSABOLOV (Bimeh) TF. Reza AFZALI (Easy Pipe), 10-0
    86kg- Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (Bimeh) df. Esmaeil MAHMOUDI (Easy Pipe), 4-2
    97kg- Mojtaba GOLEIJ (Bimeh) df. Sajad AZIZI (Easy Pipe), 9-0
    125kg- Vladislav BAITSAEV (Easy Pipe) df. Yadollah MOHEBI (Bimeh), 4-4

    Third place match: Setaregan Sari 6 – Holding Faraz Ghaemshahr 2
    57kg-Artyom GEBEKOV (Setaregan) df. Mehran REZAZADEH (Holding Faraz), 7-1
    61kg- Farzad AMOUZAD KHALILI (Setaregan) TF. Bekhan GOIGEREEV (Holding Faraz), 17-6
    65kg-Ali Asghar JEBELI (Setaregan) df. Hassan MORADGHOLI (Holding Faraz), 6-0
    70kg- Hamid ZARRINPEYKAR (Holding Faraz) df. Magomed KURBANALIEV (Setaregan), 3-2
    74kg- Omid HASSAN TABAR (Setaregan) df. Alireza GHASEMI (Holding Faraz), 7-2
    86kg-Kamran GHASEMPOUR (Setaregan) df. Ezatollah AKBARI (Holding Faraz), 8-6
    97kg-Esmaeil NEJATIAN (Setaregan) df. Hassan RAHIMI (Holding Faraz), 2-1
    125kg- Abdollah GHOMI (Holding Faraz) df. Jafar SHAMS NATERI (Setaregan) by forfeit

    Freestyle Semifinals

    Bimeh Razi 5 – Holding Faraz Ghaemshahr 3
    57kg- Mehran REZAZADEH (Holding Faraz) df. Zaur UGUEV (Bimeh), 4-0
    61kg- Masoud ESMAEILPOUR (Bimeh) TF. Bekkhan GOIGEREEV (Holding Faraz), 10-0
    65kg- Seyed Ahmad MOHAMMADI (Bimeh) df. Hassan MORADGHOLI (Holding Faraz), 11-2
    70kg- Hamidreza ZARRINPEYKAR (Holding Faraz) df. Mostafa HOSSEINKHANI (Bimeh), 3-2
    74kg- Khetik TSABOLOV (Bimeh) TF. Alireza GHASEMI (Holding Faraz), 11-0
    86kg- Mohammad Javad EBRAHIMI (Bimeh) df. Ezatollah AKBARI (Holding Faraz), 3-0
    97kg- Hassan RAHIMI (Holding Faraz) df. Amir MOHAMMADI (Bimeh), 4-3
    125kg- Yadollah MOHEBI (Bimeh) df. Abdollah GHOMI (Holding Faraz), 10-7

    Easy Pipe Kashan 5 – Setaregan Sari 3
    57kg- Artyom GEBEKOV (Setaregan) TF. Nader HAJAGHANIA (Easy Pipe), 12-2
    61kg- Farzad AMOUZAD KHALILI (Setaregan) df. Mehran NASIRI (Easy Pipe), 5-4
    65kg- Morteza GHIYASI (Easy Pipe)df. Ali Asghar JEBELI (Setaregan), 3-2
    70kg- Saeid DADASHPOUR (Easy Pipe) df. Magomed KURBANALIEV (Setaregan), 9-8
    74kg- Omid HASSAN TABAR (Seteregan) df. Reza AFZALI (Easy Pipe), 3-2
    86kg- Alireza KARIMI (Easy Pipe) df. Kamran GHASEMPOUR (Setaregan), 4-4
    97kg- Vladislav BAITSAEV (Easy Pipe) df. Esmaeil NEJATIAN (Setaregan), 8-2
    125kg- Geno PETRIASHVILI (Easy Pipe) TF. Jafar SHAMS NATERI (Setaregan), 10-0

    Greco-roman Final match: Bimeh Razi 5 – Sina Sanat Izeh 3
    59kg-  Samab ABDEVALI (Bimeh) df. Shirzad BEHESHTI TALA (Izeh), 6-0
    66kg- Hossein ASADI (Izeh) df. Ali ARSALAN (Bimeh), 7-2
    71kg-Rasul CHUNAYEV (Bimeh) df. Mohammad ELYASI (Izeh), 2-2
    75kg- Saeid ABDEVALI (Bimeh) df. Pejman POSHTAM (Izeh), 4-0
    80kg- Maksim MANUKYAN (Izeh) df. Yousef GHADERIAN (Bimeh), 5-1
    85kg-Hossein NOURI (Bimeh) df. Saman AZIZI (Izeh), 4-1
    98kg- Seyed Mostafa SALEHIZADEH (Bimeh) TF. Rivazi NADAREISHVILI (Izeh), 11-0
    130kg- Mehdi NOURI (Izeh) df. Shahab GHOUREH JILI (Bimeh) by forfeit

    Greco-Roman third place match: Shohadaye Modafe Haram Qom 5 – Raad Padafand 3
    59kg- Omid GHADERI (Qom) winner- no wrestler (Raad) 
    66kg- Mohammad NOURBAKHSH (Raad) df. Alireza PASALARI (Qom), 5-1
    71kg- Afshin ESLAMI (Qom) df. Majid KHALILI (Raad), 8-2
    75kg- Siavash DOUSTARIAN (Raad) df. Mehdi AGHAZ (Qom), 5-1
    80kg-Mehdi MOHAMMADZADEH (Qom) df. Ali SHARIFI (Raad), 5-0
    85kg- Arman ALIZADEH (Raad) df. Mehdi BALI (Qom), 8-2
    98kg-Ali Akbar HEYDARI (Qom) df. Samad KAZEMI (Raad), 3-1
    130kg- Shadman AZIMI (Qom) df. Arman NAZARI (Raad), 7-0

     Greco-Roman Semifinals

    Bimeh Razi 7 – Raad Padafand 1
    59kg- Saman ABDEVALI (Bimeh) winner- No wrestler 
    66kg- Mohammad NOURBAKHSH (Raad) df. Amin SOURI (Bimeh), 4-3
    71kg- Rasul CHUNAYEV (Bimeh) df. Majid KHALILI (Raad), 5-1
    75kg- Saeid ABDEVALI (Bimeh) TF. Siavash DOSTARIYAN (Raad), 9-0
    80kg- Yousef GHADERIAN (Bimeh) df. Ali SHARIFI (Raad), 5-0
    85kg-Hossein NOURI (Bimeh) TF. Arman ALIZADEH (Raad), 8-0
    98kg- Amirhossein HOSSEINI (Bimeh) df. Mohammad YEGANEH (Raad), 5-3
    130kg- Shahab GHOUREH JILI (Bimeh) df. Arman NAZARI (Raad) by forfeit.

    Sina Sanat Izeh 6 – Shohadaye Modafe Haram Qom 2
    59kg- Shirzad BEHESHTI TALA (Izeh) TF. Omid GHADERI (Qom), 8-0 
    66kg- Hossein ASADI (Izeh) TF. Alireza PASALARI (Qom), 10-2
    71kg- Behnam Afshar Nik (Qom) df. Mohammad ELYASI (Izeh), 3-1
    75kg- Pejam POSHTAM (Izeh) TF. Mehdi AGHAZ (Qom), 10-1
    80kg- Maksim MANUKIYAN (Izeh) TF. Mehdi MOHAMMADZADEH (Qom), 11-0
    85kg- Saman AZIZI (Izeh) df. Mehdi BALI (Qom), 5-3
    98kg- Ali Akbar HEYDARI (Qom) df. Rivazi NADAREISHVILI (Izeh), 2-0
    130kg- Mehdi NOURI (Izeh) df. Mohammad Javad JAMAL (Qom), 4-0