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  Sunday, April 30, 2017  
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    Iran suggests UWW to hold World Solidarity tournaments for Wrestling
Iran suggests UWW to hold World Solidarity tournaments for Wrestling

Iran wrestling federation suggested United World Wrestling (UWW) to organize yearly three team tournaments with title of "world solidarity for wrestling".

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Iran wrestling federation has suggested to UWW to organize symbolic three team tournaments between big names in world of wrestling in Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women Wrestling to develop this sport all around the world and helping to save wrestling in Olympics.

Iran suggestion includes the competition between Iran, USA and Russia teams in Free style and Iran, Russia and Turkey in Greco-Roman. In Women wrestling suggested teams are USA, Russia and Japan.

According to Iran federation’s suggestion, each country will host the competition in public in main and important place of his town , such as  Milad Tower in Tehran, Times square in New York, Red square in Moscow, a public center in Tokyo  and public center in Istanbul.

These competitions show efforts of wrestling family to popularize the historical sport of wrestling and save it in Olympics.

Hosting for competition can start from USA for Free style and women competition, then Turkey in Greco-Roman and Japan in Women wrestling and continue with Russia, and Iran with Free style and Greco-Roman

Iran wrestling federation also announced that is ready to coordinate with countries for organization of the events.

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