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  Sunday, April 30, 2017  
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    Hosseinkhani, the medal winner of Iran in 2016 World wrestling championships
Hosseinkhani, the medal winner of Iran in 2016 World wrestling championships

Mostafa Hosseinkhani captured bronze medal in Freestyle 70kg in 2016 World Wrestling Cahmpionships (none Olympic weight categories) as Behnam Ehsanpour finished fifth in 61kg.

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Afshin Byabangard (71kg) and Yousef Ghaderian (80kg) were Iranian Greco-Roman wrestlers in Budapest who eliminated from the competitions.

In Freestyle team rankings, Iran placed second with USA (14 points) after Russia which gained 18 points.

Freestyle 70kg (28 entries)


Gold – Magomed KURBANALIEV (RUS) df. Nurlan BEKZHANOV (KAZ), 8-4

Bronze – Elaman DOGDURBEK UULU (KGZ) df. Nobuyoshi TAKOJIMA (JPN) by TF, 11-0, 5:19

Bronze – Moustafa HOSSEINKHANI (IRI) df. Rashid KURBANOV (UZB), 1-1


Semifinal – Nurlan BEKZHANOV (KAZ) df. Nobuyoshi TAKOJIMA (JPN), 10-6

Semifinal – Magomed KURBANALIEV (RUS) df. Rashid KURBANOV (UZB), 4-3


Greco-Roman 80kg (27 entries)


Gold – Ramazan ABACHARAEV (RUS) df. Aslan ATEM (TUR), 3-1

Bronze – Jonibek OTABEKOV (UZB) df. Nikolozi KELASOV (GEO), 1-1

Bronze – Laszlo SZABO (HUN) df. Askhat DILMUKHAMEDOV (KAZ), 2-1


Semifinal – Ramazan ABACHARAEV (RUS) df. Jonibek OTABEKOV (UZB), 6-0

Semifinal – Aslan ATEM (TUR) df. Laszlo SZABO (HUN), 5-5

Freestyle 61kg (22 entries)


Gold – Logan STIEBER (USA) df. Beka LOMTADZE (GEO), 8-4

Bronze – Akhmed CHAKAEV (RUS) df. Behnam EHSANPOOR (IRI), 7-4

Bronze – Akhmednabi GVARZATILOV (AZE) df. Youri SIEMAKIN (FRA), 4-1


Semifinal – Logan STIEBER (USA) df. Behnam EHSANPOOR (IRI), 9-8

Semifinal – Beka LOMTADZE (GEO) df. Akhmednabi GVARZATILOV (AZE), 12-11


Greco-Roman 71kg (29 entries)


Gold – Balint KORPASI (HUN) df. Daniel CATARAGA (MDA), 2-1

Bronze – Hasan ALIYEV (AZE) df. Adam KURAK (RUS), 2-1

Bronze – Ilie COJOCARI (ROU) df. Aleksandar MAKSIMOVIC (SRB), 5-2


Semifinal – Daniel CATARAGA (MDA) df. Hasan ALIYEV (AZE), 3-3

Semifinal – Balint KORPASI (HUN) df. Ilie COJOCARI (ROU) by TF, 8-0, 2:37


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